Lymphatic Therapy in Cary, NC

The lymphatic system in the human body is composed of tissues and organs that work to remove toxins and unwanted materials from the body. Lymph is transported throughout the system, which is a fluid for fighting infections and delivering nutrients. Lymphatic therapy can improve circulation and thus, detoxify and tone your skin.


Lymphatic therapy is a treatment that provides a variety of benefits to you and your skin. Treatments will remove toxic and unwanted buildup to reveal healthy-looking skin. The health of your skin will be optimized, and there will be a noticeable decrease in inflammation. Many patients find lymphatic therapy to be a relaxing and safe experience. Treatments can be done on a daily or weekly basis.

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Face – $50

A third of the lymphatic system takes place in the face, making it an important area to receive treatment. The treatment on the face only takes about 15 minutes and is strongly recommended before a HydraFacial treatment.

Abdomen – $75

For the abdomen, lymphatic therapy can help improve lymph circulation, relax cramped muscles, remove adhesion and contractures, as well as stimulate peristalsis in the intestines. Treatment takes about 5-10 minutes using a single handpiece.

Back – $75

The treatment only takes around 5 minutes, using two handpieces that you will feel on the back. These pieces will glide across your back.
Arms – $75

Water and toxins get stored in the arm. Performing lymphatic therapy on the arm will reduce fluid tissue tension and inflammation. The treatment will take about 10 minutes for each arm. A single handpiece is used going up the arm, starting at the elbow to the shoulder, then around the wrist to near the elbow.

Legs – $100

Similar to our arms, water and toxins get stored in the legs as well. Getting a lymphatic treatment on the legs will also reduce fluid tissue tension and inflammation. Treatment will take 15 minutes for each leg. A single handpiece is used going up the leg, starting at the knee to the thigh, then above the ankle to under the knee.


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