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Unwanted Hair

Unwanted Hair

Ditch that razor and visit Avail Aesthetics for laser hair removal today! If you have excess amounts of unwanted hair that you would like to see gone, our laser treatments may be just for you. The process is simple, takes only a few minutes, and delivers long-lasting results that put razors to shame. Schedule at our Cary or Raleigh medspas today to learn more.

Grass coming out of a woman's armpit

What Causes Unwanted Hair?

Hormones called androgens are the main thing responsible for unwanted hair. These hormones control the amount of body hair you grow after puberty. The more of these hormones you have, the thicker, darker, and more visible your hair is. There is, unfortunately, nothing you can do about your genetics. However, hair can be removed safely and effectively using a precise laser device.

How Is Unwanted Hair Addressed?

Laser hair removal is an effective option for eliminating hair on your legs, arms, back, chest, and other areas. Treatments only take 5-60 minutes, depending on the size of the area being treated. This method of hair removal saves you the mess and irritation of traditional razor shaving and waxing.

What Can I Expect?

Treatments are virtually painless and will vary from patient to patient. Many people describe a range of sensations during treatment, from tingling to the snapping of a rubber band. In any case, you will experience little to no discomfort during the procedure. A series of 3-6 sessions are usually needed to get the best results.

Laser Removal Treatments for Unwanted Hair in Cary and Raleigh

Get the silky-smooth skin you want right here at Avail Aesthetics. Our laser hair removal treatments are designed to give you excellent results quickly and easily. To get started, simply click the button below or give our office a call at (919) 322-5440 today.