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Build Muscle

Build Muscle

Build muscle without the hassle with a bit of help from Avail. Here at our Cary and Raleigh offices, we offer Emsculpt®, Vanquish Me, and PHYSIQ to help supercharge your workouts and give you better results without surgery. These treatments are non-invasive and can help you get the tone and form you want without downtime. Schedule a consultation to learn more!

Man with abs and muscles

How Do You Build Muscle?

Muscle is built through a repair process triggered by micro-trauma. When we exercise, we are actually damaging our muscles. After a grueling workout, our muscles begin to use protein to repair themselves. The trouble is that if you have excess body fat, it may be hard to see the results of your workouts, even if your muscles have grown substantially since you started.

How Can I Optimize Muscle Building?

We currently offer three treatments to help reduce stubborn fat, tone muscle, and contour your body. These treatments can be applied to several areas and deliver results in only a handful of sessions. Most treatments take under an hour to perform and result in little-to-no downtime.

What Can I Expect?

All of these treatments can help you see your muscle definition more clearly. However, finding the proper treatment for you will depend on your particular needs. During your visit, we will evaluate your trouble areas and help you decide between our options. Regardless of your choice, it is essential to note that these treatments are not a substitute for diet and exercise. We recommend continuing your workout plan and using these options only as supplements.

Find Treatments to Help Build Muscle in Cary or Raleigh

Need a hand? If you find it hard to build muscle, our team at Avail can help. We offer several non-invasive solutions designed to give you the toned, chiseled look you’ve been looking for. Simply click the button below or give our office a call at (919) 322-5440 to learn more about our options today.