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Unwanted Tattoos

Unwanted Tattoos

Ready to ditch that regrettable ink? Covering ink with makeup is one thing, but removing it for good entails another procedure. At Avail Aesthetics, we address unwanted tattoos using our advanced PicoSure® laser system. This device makes short work of tattoos while minimizing any scarring and negative effects you may experience.

Tattoo removal

What Are Tattoos Hard to Remove?

As you may have noticed, an actual tattoo is nothing like a henna that you stick on your hand. Tattoos are hard to remove because they are made up of large ink particles that are embedded within your skin. Therefore, the only way to get rid of unwanted tattoos is by breaking up those ink particles into smaller, manageable pieces.

What Can We Do About Unwanted Tattoos?

At Avail, we offer PicoSure® tattoo removal. This device is the world’s first picosecond laser and the only advanced tattoo removal laser with PressureWave technology, which works with your body to remove unwanted ink. Particles are broken up into smaller pieces, which can then be removed naturally from your body through your lymphatic system.

What Can I Expect?

Average-sized tattoos take about 10 minutes to treat, but larger or more complex tattoos can take longer. These treatments feel similar to getting a tattoo. Therefore, the sensation you feel should not cause more discomfort than you’re used to. In some cases, we can provide aids like an ice pack to minimize discomfort. You will likely need several sessions to remove the tattoo fully from your body.

Address Unwanted Tattoos in Cary and Raleigh

Getting rid of unwanted tattoos has never been easier, thanks to PicoSure®! Learn more about this treatment here at Avail Aesthetics by scheduling your appointment today. If you’re ready to begin, click the button below or give our office a call at (919) 322-5440 today.