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Texture + Tone

Texture + Tone

Give your skin a refresher here at Avail Aesthetics. A clear skin texture begins with a great treatment, and we’re here to provide it. Potenza RF Microneedling is your go-to for getting the beautiful skin you want without hassle. Get in touch to learn more about Potenza and how it can help refresh your look.

Skin texture

What Causes Texture and Tone Issues?

An uneven skin texture is caused by a combination of natural aging and overexposure to the sun. When we spend a lot of time outdoors, we expose ourselves to the possibility of developing brown spots. Couple that with the natural loss of collagen that we all experience, and your skin texture can suffer.

How Are These Issues Addressed?

At Avail, we offer the Potenza RF Microneedling solution to address skin texture issues. This treatment relies on the combined power of micro-needles and radiofrequency energy to stimulate natural skin healing. This process offers both immediate results and gradual improvement over time.

Along with this treatment, we also offer the following options:

What Can I Expect?

Treatment times may vary, but most of our treatments can be performed in 45 minutes or less. During treatment, the device will use tiny needles and heat to penetrate deep below the dermis. This process causes micro-injuries to your skin, triggering your body’s healing response and encouraging it to regenerate new collagen and elastin.

Find Treatments for Texture and Tone Issues in Cary or Raleigh

We provide Potenza treatments to improve your skin texture and tone. If you’re interested, get in touch with our Avail Aesthetics team today. To get started, simply click the button below or give our office a call at (919) 322-5440.