Most men will tell you that their penis is the most important organ in his body. Of course, while this is not exactly true for everyday physiologic survival, the proper and reliable function of the penis plays a large role in intimate relationships. Difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection and/or concerns about penile size, shape, and curvature, with or without pain, can affect one’s self-esteem and create significant stress between partners.

Our bodies have a remarkable capacity to heal themselves. Regeneration of new tissue is accomplished by the natural production of stem cells. PRP involves concentrated platelets, rich in bioactive proteins, which release growth factors to stimulate cellular regeneration and accelerate tissue repair. The benefits of PRP were initially used in wound healing, dentistry and the treatment of sports injuries, but now have evolved to address aesthetic concerns and sexual dysfunction (erectile dysfunction and Peyronie’s Disease for men). PRP is one of the most advanced, effective natural treatments for cellular repair AND rejuvenation throughout the body.

What Benefits Can a Man Have from the Male Shot?

✓ Stronger, firmer erections
✓ Easier to achieve and maintain erections (i.e., improved sexual stamina)
✓ Increased penile length and girth
✓ Improvement in or the resolution of penile curvature from Peyronie’s Disease
✓ Resolution of penile pain with erection
✓ Increased sensitivity in the penis
✓ Better overall blood flow to the penis

How Does the Male Shot Work?

The growth factors & proteins released by the high concentration of platelets in PRP, in turn, activate stems cells and stimulate cellular repair and regeneration wherever they are applied in the body. In addition, collagen production and the formation of new blood vessels occurs and further aids in tissue repair.

To acquire PRP for the Male Shot, a small amount of blood is drawn in the office at the time of the procedure. Your blood is then spun in a specially designed centrifuge which separates the platelets and plasma from the rest of the blood. The platelets are isolated and then injected back into the body wherever their benefits are needed. Along with numbing cream on the skin, a block can be performed on the penis, so there is no pain.


What is PRP?

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma.

PRP is in the category of regenerative autologous treatments, which means it comes from your own blood and can stimulate cellular regeneration and tissue repair. Platelets are one of the cells in our blood and when activated, they can release growth factors and other proteins.

How much size enhancement can I expect?
Two to three inches in size and girth have been reported after about three weeks.
How soon can I see results?
The results are almost immediate. There are cases where men have gone home after the procedure and seen sexual performance immediately. A noticeable size increase could take a few weeks.
How long does the Male Shot procedure take to perform?
The PRP injection is performed in our office. It should take about 60 minutes from start to finish but we do usually allow a little extra time. You may drive yourself home after the procedure.
Is there anything else that I will need to do after the procedure?
Yes. Using a VED, or Vacuum Erection Device is essential for achieving optimal success from the procedure. This is usually done twice daily. It requires only a few minutes of your time and without it, success rates are usually lower. We will walk you through it the first time.
When Can I Resume Sexual Activity After the Male Shot Procedure?
You may resume sexual activity about 4 hours after the procedure on the same day.
What are the potential side effects of the Male Shot?
Since PRP is extracted from your own blood, there are few and only minor potential side effects. These include minor bleeding or bruising, swelling, and very rarely infection.

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